Everyone has long got used that students write different academic assignments. Nonetheless, some people forget that speech writing and afterward, speech giving are likewise assigned. Besides, making speeches is oftentimes more complicated than to write an essay. Many people are afraid of the public and cannot put a single meaningful sentence together. In most cases, people don’t appreciate to write and listen to speeches. However, there is an interesting type that may change their point of view. It is an entertainment speech.

This type strongly differs from a formal speech. The assignment isn’t based on some scientific researches and doesn’t require from a speaker to highlight only objective thoughts. You are free to select whatever topic you desire and cover it after your own fashion. You may be fully relaxed and create a strategy based on your subjective preferences. In meanwhile, many people deliver some important message using humor as the major medium. Therefore, you should not reject the possibility to conduct scientific research and present it in a humorous manner.

Development of Your Topic

Every project begins with a topic selection. It should be catchy and interesting to your audience. A funny entertaining speech topic may perfectly disclose an important issue. Accordingly, you should take this matter seriously.

Here are some useful tips to develop your topic properly:

  • Review and brainstorm your topic. Use different angles to be totally sure that you will cover the most important aspects of your research.
  • Choose an uncommon style. Come up with an unusual approach. This draws attention and helps to reduce the boredom of common speeches.
  • Make a catchy title. Your topic should sound intriguing. Try to give a normal issue a dramatic twist or something of the kind.
  • Add dialogues and metaphors. You may make your topic more vivid if you use dialogues and metaphors in the text. It may be something like “So, I told her…” and she replied in a strange voice “This cannot be possible! Don’t trick me out, fella!” The metaphoric style also makes your texts more original because you explain some important things with the help of symbolism.
  • Use personal experience. The audience tends to prefer speakers who tell the real life they have lived on their own. Think about stories that are related to your topic and interrelate them in the form of a humorous anecdote.
  • Use mocking. In order to beat off the boredom, give mocking comments on some ordinary things, actions of other people, etc. Thus, things that aren’t funny by their nature will become really interesting.
  • Ridicule without offense. At times, speakers ridicule large institutions, professional jargon and so on. This makes speeches captivating. Nonetheless, you should not cross the forbidden line. Never offend people and organizations you try to ridicule.
  • Come up with similarities. Oftentimes, similar things or qualities of people and other subjects give additional points to a speaker. Try to find some similarities between opposing subjects in your speech. This may be really entertaining.

Memorize these points. They will surely help to compose an effective speech presentation.

How to Deliver Your Speech?

Best Entertainment Speech

There are some special tips and tricks borrowed from a high-quality speech writing service and its professional writers. These guidelines will help to deliver your speech more plainly. Make allowances for the next suggestions:

  • Organize the content. Make the structure of your text perfect. It should contain the main sections of any storytelling and logically go from one point to another. Review the content and plan each stage. Decide when climax and/or culmination should start, etc.
  • Establish goals. Your speech should have a clear purpose. Otherwise, you may talk on and on without a logical ending. Make sure you talk about one and the same point.
  • Be sensitive. In the event, you mention some individuals in a humorous manner make sure you won’t abuse their feelings. You have no right to insult other people.
  • Stay smart. Every speech should be properly planned. Nonetheless, speech art is commonly based on spontaneity. Your audience may react in a great variety of ways. Therefore, ask some of your friends to listen to your speech and react in different ways. Thus, you’ll practice an extemporaneous style and nobody would be able to take you by a surprise.
  • Watch the time. Every assignment has a time limit. Speech is no exception. Accordingly, you should plan your presentation perfectly. You should practice as much as possible. Thus, you will know for sure how much time the entire presentation takes. If it’s too long, think what parts may be shortened without omitting the main points of your speech.

Don’t forget these recommendations. They are universal because they are suitable for whatever topic and discipline you select.

10 Best Entertainment Speech Ideas You Can Try!

If you’re stuck with the choice of a topic, we will help you. Make allowances for some great ideas:

  1. My worst date.
  2. A Joke that Spoiled Everything.
  3. How I Got Caught for the First Time.
  4. The Funniest Event in My Life.
  5. My Funny Nickname.
  6. How a Mistake May Lead to Success.
  7. The Most Uncommon Way to Fall Asleep.
  8. How I Slipped Away from My Parents.
  9. The Funniest Trip of Mine.
  10. How to Make Fun without Consequences.

Consider these concepts and use any if you like. The topic may be exactly the same. The content will be different and this really matters. You’re free to compose similar ideas too.

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