Motorcycle racing is an exciting sport that can be as fun with small displacement amateur competitions as it is on professional tours. While for some enthusiasts, the main joy of the sport is developing the bike using cheap motorcycle parts and aftermarket mods, many others just want to race. The WORKS Yamaha R3 may be the answer for people who want to skip the development step.

What Is WORKS Offering?

Graces Racing Services has developed an affordable and fun racing bike that you can buy and take straight to the track. It features a few upgrades over the stock Yamaha bike parts to make it more suitable for track racing rather than road use. They have done such a great job that you can be competitive against similar displacement bikes without having to make any modifications yourself.

How WORKS Can Boost Yamaha R3 Speed?

boost Yamaha R3 racing

You don’t need a 1000cc bike to have fun on the track. In fact, for many enthusiasts, the 300cc-class R3 is the perfect track bike. It is manageable but nimble and powerful enough to take for a few fast laps. This category is as much fun for entry-level riders as it is for experienced racers. The joy of small displacement bikes is part of the reason why the WORKS Yamaha R3 is such an exciting offering.

All you need to know about the bike is in the name: it just works. Getting that ready-to-ride experience is almost unmatched in the motorcycle racing world.

Customize Some More

While the WORKS Yamaha R3 is well-sorted for track racing and Can Boost Yamaha R3 Speed, you may want to make further customizations. Whether you want genuine Yamaha parts or aftermarket mods, you can fix, replace and upgrade almost everything on an R3 relatively easily. There is no experience quite like going for a ride on a bike that you have made wholly your own. Get started customizing today.

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