We are all living in a world everything and anything can be outsourced. Skills are abundant and day-by-day people love freelancing gigs. The world is moving from cubicles to remote and work from home searches are increasing The usual 9-5 jobs becomes more struggle for someone like who take care of 2 kids. So i decided to work from home and now i earn $2750 per month with my design and writing skills.

The number of employers offering a work from home option has grown by 40% in the past 5 years. However, only 7% of all employers in the United States offer work from home flexibility.

If you are a parent or homemaker like me, there are tons of money making opportunities that can help your family. We should agree, no one got rich from working at 9 – 5 , so having side hustle can help it achieve it! So let’s get into the detail of Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level and professional as well.

Why Working from Home is Good?

If you believe you have something you can offer to this world, and the world is ready to provide you with the opportunity. You don’t need to apply to anywhere or send your resume to 10 companies every day. Just need to show how good you are in your strength!

  1. No investment required
  2. All depends on your skill and time
  3. More Flexibility
  4. No micromanagers / control
  5. Best Freelance websites (legit) are increasing like Fiverr / freelancer and Upwork is simple to find clients.

How To Start Working from Home?

Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level

We know it”s not easy working from home with more responsibility within the house. But anyway, you made a decision and you should stick to it. So how should start work from home without any investment.

We made you checklist that can help your commitment towards your time and life.

Here’s the checklist you need to for work from home!

  1. Identify your what you are good at
  2. Make a good collection of your work /portfolio
  3. Create accounts in freelance platforms (like Freelance, Fiverr, Upwork & Freelancer..etc). We have given specific website that help your work interest here in this article.
  4. Check the similar freelancers and what attracts the clients
  5. Optimize your page with searchable keywords
  6. Be committed and Share it with your friends and social media

List of Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level

1. Virtual Assistant

VA’s are the most common and well-known gig in the freelance world. Helping the big and small companies with their administrative works.

A usual virtual assistant job is to appointment fixing, make travel arrangements, do research, virtual assistants tackle a wide variety of administrative works. Depending on the experience, a virtual assistant can make from $12- $60 per hour. This is one of the simple and Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level for anyone who wants to earn good amount of money.

Where to find:  fancyhands.com , belaysolutions.com , freelancer.com , UpWork.com

2.  Medical Transcriptionist

It is also known as MT, is commonly known as a healthcare profession dealing with transcribing the voice recorded medical records that are dictated by professional medical experts.

With good focus and communication skills, you can make good money out of this job. One of my close friend who is earning $16 – $20 per hour with a medium speed of typing skill in medical transcription job. One of the most popular and Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level. 

Where to find: Indeed.com, Upwork, LinkedIn

3. Translator

With growing globalization and technological improvement, being multi-lingual is a strength. Some companies do hire home-based translators for their international projects.

Translators can be such as bilingual call centers, translation jobs, interpretation, localization, online teaching and more. You can earn 3 – 8 cents per word and typically $40- $50 per hour.

Where to find: Clickworker.com  , languagesunlimited.com, Upwork, Fiverr

4. Web Developer/Designer

No need for an introduction to this area, web design skills is always on the rise. It is now a billion dollar industry because of the smartphone user growth. Web design and development is one of the most wanted skills right now. Simple logo design can get you $100-$500 if you have good talent with a ton of portfolio.

you have to be good at understanding of web technologies and how to make it a better user experience on the web. You can earn from $100  to a few thousand dollars per month depends on your experience.

Where to find: 99designs, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancers , talent.hubstaff.comstackoverflow.com , justuxjobs.com , codepen.io

5. Call Center Representative

One of the most know jobs on the internet. Outsourcing became mainstream because of the growth of the call center industry. With basic communication skills, you can make around $60 per hour.  call center representative jobs from home is another better option for the small companies and very cost effective.

Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level

For example, Amazon Work From Home Call Center is one of the well paying gigs you can try.

This can be anything from lead generation, support, knowledge transfer, and anything that a company can help with their users or customers. There are plenty of local BPO or KPO companies nearby your house may offer this job to work from home.

Where to find: Indeed.com , Amazon.jobs , ziprecruiter.com , Glassdoor.com

6. Tech Support Specialist

There is a little bit of difference between the tech support specialist and a call center representative. In tech support, the person should have the technical knowledge about the product or the service the company provides. So there will be some amount of training he or she needs to be done before working from home.

Growing tech companies there is a need for tech support specialist, so if you are good at current tech knowledge, you should definitely try this one. For a medium level, tech support specialist can earn from $16 – $25 per hour by working from home.

Where to find: Glassdoor.com , Jobstreet.com , Linkedin & Indeed

7. Travel Agent

Day-by-day people travel more, so travel agent is no need of office space to do this job. A travel agent responsible for planning, scheduling and accommodating, insurance claiming for a traveler.

Basic eligibility is to have good communication skills and handling the schedule tools. Travel agent working from home can make high as $21 per hour in United States.

Where to find: Indeed.com , Ziprecruiter.com , Upwork, weworkremotely.com

8. Writer/Editor

Writing profession has the most demanded in every filed. Writing is a way of communication with your user or customer.  This can be a proposal, blog post, copy editing, proofreading, product review, etc.

Content writing is a most demanded gigs on freelance platforms like Upwork and freelancers. If you are really good at writing a piece of content that can attract users, you can make up to $10 – $100 per 1000 words. Which is why this role is our favorite in our list of Work from Home Job Ideas In 2019.

Where to find: Upwork, Seo & digital marketing forums, freelancer.com, Fiverr, konker.com, Peopleperhour.com, guru.com & truelancer.com

9.  Franchise Owner

Any plan to launch your own business from home and here is an opportunity you can use it.  The franchise owner is about you can run a business from home with a small fee. It is like a business in a box or business that can be replicated.

Don’t get confused with the franchising Starbucks or McDonald, those things need a lot of investment and skills to work on. Here I am talking about a home-based franchise and you will get the full blueprint about the business, you just need to make sure everything runs smoothly from the back end. Depends upon the business growth you will make a ton of money by working from home.

Where to find: Franchisedirect.com, franchise.com

10. Social media manager

A growing work from home job nowadays. Some of the major marketing firms and big companies are outsourcing their social media marketing and management to the experts who work remotely. Social media’s are here to stay and a growing user base pushing companies to spend more on it.

So if you have basic knowledge (design and publish posts, customer support, paid campaign and influence marketing) about social media’s like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, you should not miss this one. A good knowledgeable virtual social media manager can earn $17 per hour in the United States.

Where to find: UpWork, TaskRabbit, Fiverr, Peopleperhour

11. Child care provider

Age old job that still growing in demand. Taking care of child is sometimes a big responsibility.  Day cares are a growing niche since the number of parents who work is increasing. Supervising the child, prepare meals and snacks for the children, change diapers of infants and toddlers are the major task of it.

So if you are good with babies, then this one if for you. Usually, the child care provider can earn from $30 per hour, which is a good amount of money by working from home.

Where to find: Referrals, Social media, Local yellow pages

12.  Graphic designer

Designers are one of the highest paid people in the freelance world. A professional graphic designer should be good at understanding the user needs and using graphic tools.  It’s all about how visually communicate with users. There is always a need for logo design, t-shirt design, product design, banner design, and other designing services as well.

So if you have the skill for design and looking things differently, people are ready to pay you $100 per hour.

There is also design tutorials available on platforms like YouTube, Udemy.com, skillcrush.com, and many more on the internet.

Where to find: Fiverr, UpWork, 99designs, DesignCrowd, Peopleperhour, Envato Studio

13.  Website tester

Get paid for testing cool apps and websites by working from home. With rising startups and millions of apps coming up every month, testing or QA’ing the product design, and usability is more important than ever. So companies will pay to test their apps and understand what is needed or not needed.

You can easily test Websites from Home without the need of so much technical knowledge. You can also earn $10 per hour for this work.

Where to find: testerwork.com , Freelancer.com, Usertesting.com and Upwork.com

14. Airbnb Host

If you are living in your own home and have an extra spacious room, you can be “Airbnb Host“. Airbnb is a company that offers home stay for travelers around the world. It is a good alternative for hotels and as a host you can able earn through renting, offering touring your city.

As a host, depends upon your place you can earn from $1000 per month.

Where to find:  Airbnb.com

15. Pet Sitter

Do you love pets? Then this is a golden opportunity for you!  Taking care of another person’s pet for a given time frame is your job and no need of any special skill or investment. Most demanding in the local and tier 1 cities of your country.

You can make around $18 per hour and you can take care of many as you can if you have the time.

Where to find:  Referrals , petsitter.comrover.com

16. Consultant

Analyze your strength and weakness and offer you a consultation with small business and earn. This is a common gig for people who have some experience in a specific field. You can consult on business strategy, business plan proposals, marketing, legal registration processes,etc.

Depends on your professional expertise you can make around $200 to $500 per hour.

Where to find:  Referrals, Business Meetups, LinkedIn, Twitter and Business forums

17. Survey Taker

Sometimes companies may need customer opinions or feedback to improve their product and services. A lot of marketing firms offers these jobs for outsourcing with good pay.

Mostly you meet up customers in offline and online and get their opinion and ideas about a product or service. If you have some business development skills and a good network of people, this is yours!

A survey taker can earn $2-$3 per survey and it typically takes around 10 minutes to complete a survey.  Before applying for it, check their background if the company offering this gig is legit.

Where to find:  Glassdoor, mysurvey.com ,  UpWork.com , jobillico.com

18. Vlogger

YouTube is a fast growing in teens and adults, because of its originality of the content. Vlogging is a simple and best working from home job you should consider. Find what you are good at (food reviewer / Tech reviewer / funny / pranks..etc), create a video and share it.

Grow your subscribers with good content and earn more.  An average youtube with 10,000 subscribers can earn around $200 per month. Also, you have other video sharing platforms like Vimeo, that you can offer a streaming service and earn more.

Where to find: YouTube , Vimeo

19. Online Education

Educate people and earn! Online tutorial platforms like YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare are helping users to learn through online. You can teach anything and everything that user needs.

Are good at design stuff, just make series of good videos and sell it in the above-listed platforms. There is a growing market for online education because it helps people to access more content and learn faster.

Teaching online you can earn from $100 – $1000 depends on your course and skill.

Where to Find: Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, and Lynda

20. Search Engine Evaluator

In the world of machine learning and blockchain growing rapidly, sometimes manual verification is necessary to improve the user experience.

A SEE, one who evaluates the search engine results are relevant or not based on the user queries. This one more way that search engines are making sure our results are relevance and spam free.

You can earn upto $13 per hour and most of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Amazon offer these jobs to work from home.  So now you can working from home with amazon.

Where to find:  KarmaHub, Google, Leapforce, Zerochaos

21. Telephone Triage Nurse

If you have a medical background or related to this field, you can be a Telephone nurse who can also work from home. A telephone nurse who helps patients to determine what type of care they need over the phone.

Being a professional, you should be more friendly and support the patient at any time. We cannot sure the exact per hour rate for this gig, but as per google it’s $14 per hour.

Where to find: Referrals, Ziprecruiter, Linkedin, Nurse.com

22. Data Entry

Well known to the freelance world, and a basic of all. Entering the data in a word file or any data processing software in a computer known as data entry. This profile well suits to those who love to type very fast and understand the computer operations and you don’t need any previous experience for this job too.

A data entry operator can earn up to $15 per hour based on his or her skill level working from home data entry work. But before that, you have to check working from home jobs that are legitimate and best freelance websites in this article.

Where to find: Freelancer.com, Indeed.com, Careerbuilder.com & Upwork

23. Amazon Remote Employee

Tech giant who is growing so fast and offering 1000’s of new jobs regularly, Amazon’s work from home jobs are more convenient if you are really looking into good pay job. At present Amazon has over 200 work from home jobs in a different category and planning to hire 5,000 remote workers soon.

Most of the roles come with professional and technical knowledge like Software development engineer, Global retail practice manager, Multi-site HR manager, etc. There will be other perks like health insurance, employee discounts, retirement planning and many more.

Where to find: Amazon.jobs , workingmother.com

24. Affiliate Marketer

In recent years, e-commerce grew so fast and major companies like Walmart.com, Amazon.com, E-bay are reaching new milestones every year. These companies also offer affiliate option, that you can sell their products in your blog, app or any virtual platform. Make a sale and you got a commission! 

Amazon affiliates are the most known and overly crowded space because of its commision rates. You need a few things before you hit this option, a good blog with daily traffic and an affiliate account from Amazon. That’s it! Based on your site traffic you can earn $50 – $100 per day.

Where to find: Amazon affiliates, Aliexpress, Ebay

25. Animator

If you are really good at creating animations and visual effects, then you have plenty of opportunities that can get you a ton of money by working from home. Animation – a Multi-media industry is a fast-growing platform because of more tech changes coming into our TV, movies, video games and there is a huge demand for this role.

You can earn from $20 – $56 per hour and it may varies depends on the project you work. This is one of the best working from home jobs online in the recent times.

Where to find: CareerBuilder , LinkedIn, Monster, Job.com.

26. Virtual Recruiter

Recruit employees for business from home. This is one more professional role that is outsourced from some businesses nowadays. Recruitment is a part of every business, finding the right person for the right job is a skill. So if you are good at making networks and finding the right people for the job, you can start right now!

Call of few businesses and ask them if they need any recruitment services, 10 out of 2 companies will say yes. As a virtual recruiter, you can earn from $500 – $1600 per month.

Where to find:  Call to companies, Referrals, Linkedin, Naukri , Indeed, Monster.com

27. Play Games and Earn

Are you a gamer? then you have a great future! Gone are the days that playing games are waste of time. “Ninja” a professional video gamer streams his game play in twitch and earned $15 million last year. This is huge isn’t!

The platforms like Twitch, Mixer, YouTube gaming are encouraging players to plan and earn with their sponsorships and ads. So if you are this kind, don’t wait up, start playing, gain subscribers and earn money!

Where to find: Twitch, HitBox, Mixer, YouTube

28. Baker / Chef

Foodies are all over the world. Good food finds more customers! So if you are a mom who loves cooking then start earning $30 – $50 per home made a cake.

Bake it, pack it and deliver it. That’s it! Even some of the local shops are offering homemade pastries that have good reach with the customers. In other option, make a one – page e-commerce website and post your offerings, people will come to you when they search for “Homemade cake” , “Homemade chocolates” ..etc

Where to find: WordPress, watscooking.com, Amazon, Shopify

29. Event Planner

If you have any previous experience in planning and organizing events, then this is a great opportunity you should not miss. Event Planning is a growing market and freelancing is most preferred than an agency. An event planner to ensure everything related to an event is taken care of, from idea conception to programming and day-of logistic. You can earn from $550 to $700 per event. This a rising in our list of Work from Home Job Ideas In 2019

Where to find: LinkedIn, Indeed, UpWork

30. Stylist

Makeup artist or stylists are irreplaceable skills in the world. Making someone look good is something of art than a skill. Having previous experience is a must for this role and working from home is the best choice for this job. Just put your information and contact details in yellow pages, local directories and social media’s, and the customers will find you soon.

As a professional stylist, you can earn around $200 – $350 per hour and more if you have good experience background. You can start working from home jobs part time and earn a good money.

Where to find:  Local directories, Facebook, Instagram, Google

So, How To Choose The Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level?

Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level
  •  Understand how much time you can allocate per day.
  • Can invest? if yes, how much? choose based on it, but be cautious!
  • Have a timetable and understand the time management
  • Always have a “Plan B” in case of notable work a day
  • Learn what’s happening in the freelance world, so you can be prepared for new opportunities


This is it! All these 30 lists of Best Work From Home Jobs Entry Level are no need of high experience background, except one or two maybe, but if you put your time and effort you can learn to achieve those as well.


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