How to Protect Your Rugs and Carpets by Cleaning

Good rugs and carpets are investments for a well decorated home. You can make sure that they last longer by regular care.  Here are some helpful ways you can protect rugs and carpets so you can enjoy them longer.

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Clean off spills right away

Most of the time, carpets and rugs are placed in high traffic areas of the home. This is why it is common for it to be the recipient of spills from food or drinks.  These types of spills can stick to the fabric and will not come off easily when left for a long time. This can result in some of the fibers coming off when it is time to clean them. Wipe spills right away as they happen. Use paper towels to blot all liquid and make sure that the surface is dried.

Be mindful of the products you use

For stain removal, be sure to use products that are gentle on your rugs and carpets. There are a lot of products out there but some of them can be harsh on fabric. Using these harsh carpet cleaners can damage color. It can make your rugs and carpets look dull. Harsh chemicals can also ruin the structure of the fabric. Use cleaners that are fabric safe.

When you are using a new product, do a color run test. Test the product on a small, less obvious area to prevent damage.

Regular cleaning schedule

One of the sure ways to make your rugs and carpets last longer is through regular cleaning. Establish a schedule for vacuuming so that dust and dirt does not settle on the surface. Vacuum the front and back surface thoroughly. Dust and dirt can also damage color so rug cleaning and carpet cleaning is a must to make sure that they look vibrant for longer.

Wash rugs and carpets on a clean surface of a garage or your utility room. Make sure you dry them completely after. When drying, one surface can be completely dry while the other one might still be soaking wet, Make sure to check and turn as necessary.

Protection from odor

If pets are a part of your family, another challenge might be removing odor from rugs and carpets. Pet urine can be one of the most severe problems. Pet urine contain chemical that can damage color and fiber on the fabric. Make sure to take care of it as it happens. The longer, urine stays on your rugs and carpets, the more damage it can do. Just like other spills, blot all the liquid that you can with paper towels. When washing, use a solution of water and vinegar to remove odor. This is effective in all types of odor.

Professional cleaning

Once in a while, have a professional care for your rugs and carpets. Apart from regular cleaning, a professional can help you thoroughly clean and take care of color. Point out problem areas to them and make sure to ask tips and advice on how to protect your rugs and carpets better.